The Freedom en Al Awda in Gijon Spanje sinds 12 juni

Two of the Freedom Flotilla boats, the ‘Freedom’ and ‘Al Awda’ have arrived in Gijon, Spain. The other boats are sailing through Europe’s canals to all meet up in Sicily, before heading to Gaza in July.

The Freedom’s skipper, Jens Murklund, sent this message during the journey from Brighton to Gijon:

Onboard the s/v FREEDOM June 12, 1400 hrs UTC +2 (CET)

Back on the air! We have had good days at sea. Much of the time with very little wind, but the last 12 hours a fresh northerly gave us a night of high speed and heavy turns at the helm. Right now we’re doing 10-11 knots.

The crew has gradually become just that, a functioning crew, knowing its daily tasks and trained to deal with the not-so-daily events. Pitch-dark steering at surf speeds (we hit 15,7 knots around midnight) has also been very educative… The atmosphere is good and relaxed, and although our voyage has a serious mission, we can’t help enjoying this. It’s getting warmer, we have dolphins around us now and then, we get one beautiful sunset after the other…

In a few hours we will arrive in Gijon, we already have the Spanish coast in sight.